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Tammie | Biloxi, Mississippi Boudoir | Cheyenne Lenea Boudoir

How did you hear about Cheyenne Lenea Boudoir?

I heard about Cheyenne's business through a friend of a friend.

Why did you choose Cheyenne Lenea Boudoir for your boudoir experience?

I followed the page for awhile reviewing each post and being completely in awe of how amazing her pictures were. Me being a plus size woman was hesitant to truly consider doing a shoot like this. Until I saw some of the photos that she did for other plus size woman. Immediately I knew if I was ever going to do this it would be with her.

What was inspiring you to want to do a boudoir shoot?

I have hated my body most of my life. As a teen and a young adult I never felt pretty enough, or this enough even when I was a smaller size. As I aged and became a wife, mom, then a single mom all of those feels just multiplied into a general dislike for everything about myself. Then at 45 I decided nothing is going to change overnight and change had to start in me. I made the conscious decision to stop talking negatively about my appearance. I made it a point to find beauty in me just the way I am. I mean if I don't like me I can't expect to find someone else that will either. Over the next few years I became more accepting of myself in all ways. Meeting people who like the plus size woman seemed to happen easier. To further embrace this new found appreciation for myself as turning 50 was right around the corner. I figured what better way to celebrate this milestone than doing a boudoir photoshoot for my birthday.

How nervous were you before out session? What had you so nervous?

I was very nervous. Doing new things always freaks me out a bit. The not knowing how the pictures would look with me being a "big girl" had me all messed up inside

After your session began, did you feel more comfortable and less nervous? If so, what helped you become more relaxed?

I definitely loosened up after the session started. Cheyenne has such a calming voice and the atmosphere in the studio is very calming.

What was your favorite part of the experience and why?

Well I choose to do shoot on my actual birthday. Knowing I was celebrating myself in a big way was scary and amazing. But Cheyenne took it a step further with cupcakes , sprinkles. Birthday candles.

How did you feel during your session?

I felt mostly comfortable. There were only a couple of times where my mind was telling me the pose would look bad. Cheyenne in all her awesomeness could tell and reassured me it was great.

When you saw our images, how did you feel?

OMG! I was stunned that I could look so pretty and so sexy. There are a few that I even said put loud "whoa that's hot "

Has your relationship with your body changed since your session?

It is a daily struggle for me personally to be accepting of my body. However this experience has given me visual proof that I am beautiful and when I need a reminder I have my picture.

What would your advice be to someone who is scared, nervous, or shy about booking a boudoir session?

Meet with Cheyenne, tell her your story. Think about why you are interested in it. Believe in yourself. Step out of your comfort zone and do it.


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