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Bobbie | Biloxi, Mississippi Boudoir Photography | Cheyenne Lenea Boudoir

Updated: Mar 13

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How did you hear about Cheyenne Lenea Boudoir?

Online search

Why did you choose CLB for your boudoir experience?

The style and quality of your photos were unmatched!!

What was inspiring you to want to do a boudoir shoot?

I wanted to do one for so long as a gift to my husband but actually ended up being more for me than I realized.

How nervous were you before out session? What had you so nervous?

I was VERY nervous. My body after having my children was definitely not the same. I didn’t know what to do or expect.

After your session began, did you feel more comfortable and less nervous? If so, what helped you become more relaxed?

I think just talking and getting comfortable while having my hair and makeup done definitely made the experience easier and more personable. It was relaxing to see how laid back and friendly you were.

What was your favorite part of the experience and why?

Seeing myself through the lens. It was definitely a confidence boost and I would love to do it again!!

How did you feel during your session?

The experience was like therapy for me in a way.

When you saw our images, how did you feel?

I was ecstatic that I chose to go through with the experience. Talk about a confidence boost!

Has your relationship with your body changed since your session?

I am more comfortable in my own skin than I was before, yes.

What would your advice be to someone who is scared, nervous, or shy about booking a boudoir session?

Do it!!! Don’t wait! Trust me, you will be so happy that you did it!


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