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A BOUDOIR SESSION IS ABOUT EMBRACING YOURSELF AS IS | Mississippi Boudoir | Cheyenne Lenea Boudoir


I hear it all of the time "I am going to do a boudoir session after XYZ." then they proceed to list all the things they want to change about themselves before they can be "ready" for a boudoir experience.

The truth is you don't have to change anything... not your hair, not your weight, not the size of your breasts, not the stretch marks on your body. Those are all apart of you AS YOU ARE. The true power is learning to love those things about yourself. This experience is about letting go of all of your insecurities, embracing your true self, and learning to love ALL THE THINGS about yourself. Sometimes you have to push yourself out of your comfort zone to really learn who you are as a person. It is very easy to fall under the pressure of body dysmorphia, the weight-loss culture, or trauma that has inhibited you from feeling comfortable in your own skin.

You have to let go of all the stigma of what you want to be & embrace who you are as is.


I've watched so many women transform during & after their boudoir session. It's truly incredible to watch her go from being incredibly fragile, scared, and feel unworthy to gaining the strength of overcoming their fears, conquering their demons, and TRULY TRULY TRULY loving their bodies. Goodness, it is so inspiring.

This experience is designed to where you have to set time aside for yourself and get to know yourself a little bit more. You learn how to grow through something that seems scary, yet you realize is so much fun. You let go of the chains that have been holding you down from being able to look in the mirror and love what you see back. When you gain that sense of power within yourself, you will be amazed at how far it will take you.

You won't be afraid to take the leaps in life; such as a new career path, moving to a new place, or even just wearing the shorts that you said you'd never wear. Yet, there you are, doing the damn thing.

When you are allowed to express yourself without judgment, without fear, you gain a sense of healing. It's emotional, it's freeing, it's inspiring, it's you.


A boudoir session has zero limits in terms of who you are. It does not matter how tall you are, how much you weigh, the color of your skin, if you have stretch marks or not, your relationship status, what you do for a living, ect. THERE ARE NO LIMITS. It is about baring the body that has been through many challenges and multitudes that has became your story. It is about connecting your mind and your body and allowing yourself to become ONE! It's about learning to love yourself, truly.


I am here to walk you through this process. The hardest part is reaching out, the rest is easy-peasy. I am excited to tell you more about the process, go over outfit ideas with you, show you our gorgeous studio located in D'Iberville, MS, and talk you through how we are going to create a luxury boudoir experience for you to help you overcome those doubts, fears, and insecurities.

Get in touch through our contact form Here: or send us a text to schedule a call, (985)-400-1001


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