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Excuses why you shouldn't do a boudoir shoot | Gulfport, Mississippi | Biloxi, Mississippi

If I had a dollar for every BUT that I hear..... "I'd do a boudoir shoot but..." Id seriously not have to work anyone. SERIOUSLY!

I come across this all the time, women are so excited and eager to get to know more about the experience BUT ARE TERRIFIED to actually do it. Which is totally fine, if you had an excuse right?

4 excuses on why NOT to do a boudoir shoot & why their are completely bogus:

1. "I don't know how to be sexy" : Girl SAME! No one that comes into my studio automatically knows what poses will look good on them and which ones wont. That's why you have me. I help guide you from the way you breath to, pointing your toes and arching your back, to your finger tip placement. You don't have to worry about a thing. I'd never expect someone to come in and know how to nail every pose.

2. "After I lose X amount of weight" : This is the number one excuse that I hear DAILY. But here is the thing. This experience is so much more than your body shape. It's about embracing who you are AS YOU ARE and falling in love with that person! YOU DESERVE THAT. Put the scale away and love who you are.

3. "I'm not photogenic" : Sure some people are more photogenic than others, but what that means is they are just more comfortable in front of a camera. It's not normal to be photogenic and that's okay! It's my job to make you feel comfortable and relaxed during your session !

4. "I don't have anyone to do it for..." : DO IT FOR YOURSELF! Sure, it can make for a very exciting and fun gift, but really this experience is for you! Actually my very own boudoir shoot was after I was single for the first time and I needed a pick me up. BEST DECISION I MADE! You deserve to celebrate you, FOR YOU!

One of these you've said a time or two haven't you? That's okay. It's okay to be nervous or scared, do it anyway. You deserve to fall in love with yourself just how you are! Don't you think?

If you haven'y done so already, go join our women's only VIP group and become apart of the boudoir FAM!

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