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Boudie Call Application

We are looking for ONE woman to join us in Santa Monica, California in April 2023 for marketing purposes for a one of a kind boudoir experience. 


The shoot will take place in a gorgeous studio located near Santa Monica, California. 

No modeling experience preferred / needed!

You must be 21 years of age or older to participate in this boudie call.


These images will be used for marking and posting purposes therefore model must sign a release of consent to post images. 

Open to all body types and ages over 21, please put aside 3-4 hours with us. We will spoil you with our full luxury session!

You will receive:
- Complete wardrobe styling
- Professional makeover
- Posing/coaching
- Your own viewing appointment

If selected, please know that prints, digital images, and products DO NOT come with the model call. Those are to be purchased separately if you wish.  If so, your $300 credit will apply toward your session. We offer in-house payment plans. 

Pricing and Payment Information: 


Typically our session fee is $400, however for the model call it is $100 which includes all that a normal session would include (as stated above). At your reveal you will be able to use your session fee AND the complimentary $200 collection credit to invest in our products. Our collections, which include both digital image print products, start at $2800.


 We offer different forms of payment. 


Ready to invest in you?! 

Fill out our application ! If you are selected we will be reaching out to you to get your complimentary phone call setup! If we do not hear back from you within 24 hours of being contacted back, we will move on with the next applicant

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