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July Sale

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Our annual Christmas in July flash sale is HERE! 


It's our second biggest sale of the year and I know so many of you just cannot wait! 

All sessions booked in the 2021 Christmas in July Flash sale are to be booked between December 2021- March 2022 ONLY. Sale is limited to 15 sessions. Once those 15 sessions are booked, the sale will end. 

Enjoy a luxury boudoir experience in our Ocean Springs, MS. studio between December 2021 and March 2022. Professional hair and make up will be provided as well as professional coaching and posing, and same day viewing appointment. 

Normally $300 -- NOW JUST $99! 

Collections, digitals, and products sold separately. 



• Review the details of the offer as well as the Custom Collections that you can choose from below

• Email us using the Contact Form below  and fill it out completely. Once it is submitted we will email you with the contract and the invoice for the session fee. ONLY 15 spots available for this sale, once they are booked the offer is gone. After session fee and contract is returned we will schedule a phone consult to go over all the details! 

• This offer runs from 7/16/21 at 7am to 7/19/2021 at 2pm Mississippi time. THERE ARE 15 SLOTS AVAILABLE SO EMAIL NOW IF YOU ARE INTERESTED – ONCE THEY ARE GONE THEY ARE GONE!

• Although you’ve seen lot’s of “Christmas-y”-themed posts because this is a Christmas in July sale, your Session will be a full, traditional/non-Christmas-themed experience.

All sessions booked for this sale will take place between December 2021 - March 2022.




$99 session fee plus choose from one of the following exclusive product collections!

Sleigh My Name - $2200 (4650 value)

10x10" Album w/ 30 images

10-image folio box

(2) 16x24" Metal Prints

Full Digital File Collection

Make It Rein (MOST POPULAR) - $1200 (2200 value)

8x8" Album w/ 20 images

Full digital Collection

Resting Grinch Face- $800 (1150 value)

10- image Folio Box

8x12" Metal Print


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