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Become a Brand Ambassador


Hello Beautiful


Does getting dolled up, pampered, and empowered sound like something you would love to do? If so, keep reading! 

I am looking for 5 amazing women to join our boudoir team! 

No, there are no body requirements, you don't have to have model experience, and we don't expect you to know what to do! That's what I am here for! 

If you're ready to join the Cheyenne Lenea Boudoir Team, please make sure to read ALL THE REQUIREMENTS and understandings of this position.

What is a Brand Ambassador?

A Brand Ambassador job for the Cheyenne Lenea Boudoir team will be to spread empowerment and encouragement of our mission through their own images. We ask that these women stay active within our women's only VIP group by posting daily and interacting with the members of the group. You will be asked to join a monthly zoom meeting with our team and a in person meet up every 3 months. This will be a year long commitment.

Requirements to be a Brand Ambassador 

  • Must be female

  • Must be age 21-45

  • All shapes, sizes are welcome!

  • Must be in our new Facebook VIP group

  • If selected must follow our team members Facebook and Instagram accounts

  • Must have an Instagram and Facebook account

  • Must be willing to be a moderator in the Facebook group

  • Must be willing to post in the Facebook group daily

  • Must be willing to share your session images on your social media outlets. (feel free to block whoever you’d like from your post. but this is a huge and main requirement

  • Must not use session images for royalties (ex: commercial work, Only Fans, Patreon, etc.) Doing so will terminate your contract and yield an invoice sent to you for your sessions.

  • Must tag Cheyenne Lenea Boudoir in all post. 

  • Must be friendly and relatable

  • Must be willing to drive to your session

  • No drama is allowed nor will be tolerated

  • MUST sign a full model release

  • Must sign a brand ambassador 12 month contract

  • Must not have defaulted on a previous payment plan

  • Must not be another photographer or booked with another photographer

  • must be comfortable with being in a photo or video or both

  • Must be comfortable with Possible implied nudity

  • Must be willing to pay $150 admin fee (This is an agreement to enter contract)

  • Sessions are free, however you must be willing to purchase a $200 teaser video.

Perks of a Brand Ambassador

  • 3 FREE Sessions within a 12 month contract ($3000 value).

  • 40 Images from each session -- 120 images total

  • Boudoir teaser video 1-1.5 minute long **There is a $200 fee for the video due upon selection.** (If you can’t pay for video upon selection, do not apply.)

  • $50 CASH from all referred bookings (paid date of client session) **No cap on referral cash. Make as much as your heart desires.

  • 20% discount on Print + Product

  • We value our team and reward with bonuses for being a Rockstar! (receive special gifts throughout your time with us).

  • Each ambassador contract runs for 12 months.

  • Weekely images must be shared on instagram, Facebook or both with tagging of Cheyenne Lenea Boudoir. Caption may be from you

  • Boudoir Teaser Video is filmed at the halfway mark (6 months in).

  • Full session of images are not given all at once. They are dripped weekly to prevent ambassadors from taking the sessions and not upholding their agreement.


How does this position work?

  • Each brand ambassador enters a 12 month contract.

  • Each ambassador receives 4 sessions within 12 month contract (valued at $3000) 1 session immediately upon entering contract then every 3 months after. 

  • Each session will yield 40 images each.

  • Brand ambassadors must share their images from recent session throughout their 3 months after their session until the following shoot -- then continue to share new images.

  • All shared images must be shared on Instagram and Facebook with tag to Cheyenne Lenea Boudoir.

  • Boudoir teaser video will be filmed at halfway mark. (6months in) of contract.

  • Full session is not sent at once/ images are dripped weekly to prevent ambassadors from taking sessions and not upholding their commitment.

  • Ambassador must leave a review on Cheyenne Lenea Boudoir, Google and Facebook Business pages.



To ensure that the brand ambassador doesn't just take advantage of the free session, we deliver images in increments. 


Nope! That is the purpose of dripping the digitals weekly. If you do not uphold the contract, no more digitals are sent. Additionally, if you’ve broken contract (or youre not meeting contract) before the 3 month mark-when the video will be filmed, you will NOT receive a video nor refund for the video.


Brand ambassadors receive 4 free photo sessions valued at THOUSANDS. This is already a lot of work. Video, is even more work-of a harder, more time consuming caliber. Additionally-while we drip the images, we can not drip the video. Once the video is sent to you, theres no guarantee of a continued contract on ambassadors part. This SMALL fee ensures we are minimally compensated for the video. NO refunds given.



The sessions will be located at our studio located in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. However we can change the location if we are looking to shoot at a new location of our choice for any specific reason. 


Session 1 is photographed within the first month of signing contract. The next 3 sessions will be scheduled within your year of being an ambassador.


The admin fee is for use to process your entry into your agreement. It serves as your commitment as a brand ambassador for Cheyenne Lenea Boudoir and covers all of the materials and fees for your time with us. 


We are totally fine if you wish to end your contract before it’s 12 month period. If you wish to do so, simply submit a request via email and we will terminate your contract with no fee. There will be no hard feeling and you will still be a member of our VIP Facebook group. However all remaining images will not be disbursed from any weeks prior to your termination.

In the event that you become inactive during your contract period because you would like to end your contract. This will count as a failure to uphold your end of the contract and a full session payment of $1500.00 will be billed to you.


  • Everyone MUST Fill out an application.

  • Decide ONE day a week for social media post in our private Facebook group.

  • MUST come to ALL 4 SHOOTS.

  • Must come to quarterly meet up with team

  • Must attend monthly zoom meeting to discuss materials for the group.

  • Must be willing to share your images on all social platforms and sign a full model release.

  • Must be okay with allowing Cheyenne Lenea Boudoir to create behind the scene material for all social media accounts.

  • 21 years or older.

**Failure to fulfill your end of the deal will result in a full session payment which is $1500** 


Not only will this be an incredible experience for you to help build confidence and empowerment, but you will also become apart of an amazing women empowered community! We will laugh together, cry together, have so much fun, and grow together! This will provide you with an unforgettable, once in a life time opportunity to be apart of an amazing team.  PLUS THE FOLLOWING: 

  • 4 exclusive Shootouts with your Brand Ambassador Family.

  • 40 digitals from each shoot fully retouched.

  • 25% off all products we offer.

  • Referral Program. A chance to get over $1000 in products with 10 referrals.

  • Group photo.

  • Brand T-shirt

  • A private Brand Ambassador Group.

  • Personal Growth, confidence, and community!


We will be carefully going through each application and you will be informed if we decide to move forward with your application or not. We understand that there will be a lot of people who are wanting in this program and for that we are super excited. But please know that if you are not chosen at this time, that doesn't mean that you can't be picked next year. We will be opening up applications for this every year. Please also be considerate of those who we did choose and congratulate them! They will be chosen for a reason. The application will remain open until all 5 spots are filled.

Ready to join our team?

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